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Mortgage Broker : Why?

To get the best mortgage rate and much more!


The mortgage brokers of the Victor Hugo Pereira team are dedicated professionals who specialize in mortgage financing and the delivery of first-class customer service. They possess the skills, knowledge and passion to successfully complete your mortgage loan.

Independent mortgage brokers are not affiliated with a particular financial institution or a private lender. Acting independently, they are experts who listen to your needs and hold a wealth of information on the most advantageous solutions that the market has to offer at any given time. Additionally, they negotiate optimal borrowing terms with a large network of financial institutions.

To secure you the best mortgage rate, your mortgage broker at Xperto Laval will:

  • Analyze your unique situation (borrowing capacity, employment income, debts, down payment—5% minimum—etc.);
  • Present you with a set of financial products and advise you on the best one;
  • Prepare your file and present it to several lenders, saving you many tedious steps;
  • Secure you a loan with the best possible conditions.

Our mortgage advisors offer clients a full array of mortgage products such as pre-authorization, purchase, refinancing and mortgage renewal. Brokerage services that are completely free! What does ‘free’ consist of?

  • Receive sound advice that is specific to your unique situation
  • Obtain mortgage products that are tailored to your needs and not those of the financial institutions
  • Continue to save even after getting your mortgage (your broker might recommend special repayment terms or options that will help you reduce the amortization of your loan so you can quickly repay it, without exhausting your cash supply)
  • Freeing up your time: you’ll be able to dedicate yourself to your personal and professional activities while we’re taking care of all the necessary steps for your mortgage

In short, how about saving time and money and so much more? Contact us now to make an appointment with one of our mortgage brokers on the North Shore or in Laval.

Xperto Mortgage Broker in Laval and Montreal :Free services?

Xperto’ mortgage brokers are paid by the banking institutions with which their clients do business. They do not work on commission: the money they earn varies according to the amount borrowed. No broker therefore has an interest in having you sign a mortgage more expensive than another. That’s why you can be sure to get the best mortgage rate with us.

Rest assured: transparency is our main priority. Every step of the way, we provide you with the necessary information to make well-thought-out decisions. Ultimately, we help you select the optimal solution for your unique situation, all while avoiding paying penalties.

Our multilingual team of Xperto mortgage brokers in Laval and Montreal

The Victor Hugo Pereira team is made up of 12 professional and courteous advisers who work mainly on the Island of Montreal, in Laval and on the North Shore.

Our mortgage brokers are expert market watchers who are trained to identify your real needs and respond to them quickly. In fact, our team was rated number one in Canada in terms of volume disbursed in 2011 among all Xperto’ offices in the country.

Dedicated and attentive

At your service seven days a week.

Can receive you at our offices or travel to your home.

Serving you in the following languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Vietnamese and Greek.