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Self-employed workers : get a mortgage fast

Located on the North Shore and in Laval, Victor Hugo Pereira’s team of mortgage brokers are mandated to find the best mortgage offers for self-employed workers who are first-time property buyers.

Are you afraid of being denied a mortgage because you are not a corporate employee? Rest assured: many people are in your situation and have secured mortgage financing without a problem. Indeed, different programs that adapt to the reality of the self-employed now exist.

Your Xperto mortgage broker,  a valuable ally

The first step consists of meeting with one of our brokers. Your broker will get to know you and learn about your situation and precise needs. In order to make the necessary requests to the many financial institutions with which he does business, he will then prepare your file (completely free of charge). This step is critical for finding you the best rates and loan conditions.

Learn more about prequalification, a step that speeds up the process of getting your loan.

Self-employed for at least 2 years? Your chances are good!

If you made enough income over 2 years as a self-employed person, you have an excellent chance of getting the loan you need to buy your dream home or condo, with as little as a 5% down payment. To qualify however, you must have paid all of your previous taxes. This is the standard program for self-employed workers. There are also other available programs that your mortgage broker can present to you. Contact us now it’s free.

What can positively affect my mortgage application?

  • A good credit rating.
  • Financial statements (and third party confirmations of them).
  • Proof of payment of sales taxes (GST and QST).
  • A down payment from your assets.
  • Contracts to come, proof of a possible return of money.