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Mortgage Renewal:
Save Big!

Get the lowest mortgage rate with Xperto.

Will your mortgage soon come to a close? If so, you are no longer required to do business with your bank to renew your mortgage. You are now free to shop around and negotiate your rate, your term and monthly payments, and more.

Why call a broker for your mortgage renewal?

Your needs may have changed since the day you took out your mortgage. With offices on the North Shore and in Laval, Xperto will find you a mortgage solution that best reflects your current reality. Our goal is to save you money and reduce your debt. We simultaneously do business with several banks and financial institutions to expand our financing options. In turn, this enables us to offer a wider range of solutions than banks who can only offer their own products. Our team guarantees the best market rates and offers. Our services are free Contact us now.

How does mortgage renewal work?

As early as 5 months before your mortgage’s end, you can contact us to prepare your renewal. During this conversation, we will ask you for several documents that will help us with the renewal process. For a first loan application, you can “freeze” a rate that is advantageous to you 120 days before the end date of your mortgage. If rates drop during this window period, you will still be able to get the lowest rate.

What can change during the mortgage renewal?

  • Renewal is the perfect opportunity to re-examine your mortgage in light of your present situation.
  • Has your mortgage significantly decreased?
  • Do you now have a better salary or a lower income than you had
  • before?
  • Are you currently unemployed?
  • Did you have a child?
  • Do you have more debt or less debt?
  • The reality is that your needs and goals have probably changed since you first took out your mortgage.

Want to pay less interest and penalties?

  • Reduce depreciation (and increase monthly payments).
  • Increase the possibility of early repayments.
  • Opt for a fixed or variable rate (depending on your situation).

Do you need more liquidity?

  • Reduce monthly payments (and increase depreciation).
  • Add a home equity line of credit to finance a new business, renovations, a vehicle purchase, etc.
  • Consolidate your debts.
  • Put your money in your savings and investments (an advantageous option when they have a higher return than your mortgage rate).